Anxiety / Depression

Hormonal fluctuations in the menopause transition this can bring about feelings of anxiety and depression. At times this can be debilitating, unexpected and of course unwelcome.

As our ovaries slow down production of estrogen, the adrenals step up and take on extra production of estrogen.

Adrenal communication systems can easily become imbalanced, and this can lead to the body jumping into “fight flight’ mode more easily. This can give rise to sudden sensations of anxiety, fear and nervousness.

Minor stressful situations can then cause surges of adrenaline, even causing a hot flush and this can effect your brain response and can leave you feeling confused, mentally blank, exhausted, anxious and feelings of fear.

Feelings of depression can also be a symptom of the menopause transition. Our brain chemistry can become imbalanced by the constant demand on the adrenals, leaving you without the resources to gather your thoughts and to deal with your usual emotions.

Depression can also be a knock on effect of the thyroid being out of balance, which may also be the result of overworked signalling to the adrenals.

Working together with The Reset Lab, we can use functional medicine lab testing to help uncover the underlying causes of these imbalances, which may be due to a number of things; 

  •  Thyroid imbalance
  •  Neurotransmitter imbalance
  • Bacterial imbalance
  • Emotional imbalance due to environmental triggers
  • A pre-existing hormone imbalance

Let us help you, by listening to your story and getting a plan together to help get you back on track, reset your health and walk alongside your menopause journey. Schedule an appointment and get ready to feel calm and happy.

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