Health Coaching

Your healing process is supported with an empathic ear, providing accountability and creative solutions to ensure you overcome blocks  to reshape your everyday life to ensure lasting results.

Jan Carter       

  • Diploma Nursing
  • ETNZL EFT Practitioner, Law of Attraction Practitioner
  • Louise Hay ‘You can Heal Your Life’ teacher
  • Jungian Dream group facilitator
  • Published Author
  • NZ Film industry Health and Safety Medic

Jan comes from a background in nursing, ambulance and firefighting, she also worked for many years as a massage therapist specialising in chakra healing, and became certified as a Louise Hay “Heal Your Life’ teacher. Jan discovered the simplicity and power of using meridian tapping to empower oneself, she went on to complete the EFT practitioners training and became certified as a Law of Attraction practitioner. Jan believes the combination of thought therapy together with tapping and manifestation techniques can change your life and put you in the drivers seat of your own life.

Health coaching is a culmination of Jan’s professional experience and intuitive wisdom coming together. Jan has years of experience of leading clients through their personal journey to achieve their goals Jan is a gentle caring practitioner with a very special gift in listening and translating your thoughts into solutions for you.

Jan and her husband reside in beautiful NZ’s native sub- tropical rainforest, completely off the grid and eating their own organically grown food.

Dreams can come true and miracles are perfectly natural.

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