Are you ready to ditch
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Are you over the symptoms of peri-menopause, or have symptoms after menopause that have just not gone away? Are you ready to find answers……..


Hormone Replacement Therapy……. is it right for me?


Are your symptoms of peri-menopause getting you down,  or you are now in menopause and those symptoms just never went away? This can be a time when we start to consider our options. Maybe your doctor or a friend has suggested you try HRT but you are not sure…….

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) was once routinely used to treat menopausal symptoms and protect long-term health. Then the Woman’s Health Initiative (WHI) published in 2002 created much controversy around the use of HRT. 

WHI study reviewed woman who were treated with synthetic estrogen only therapy, using a product called Premarin, which is a product that was derived from pregnant horse urine, a product that contained ingredients foreign to the human body. The study found woman on this drug had increased health risks. Since then many other studies have been carried out, and use of hormones has been altered to use progesterone along with estrogen so that estrogen does not go unopposed, in woman with a uterus.  Now we also have the choice of using Bio-identical Hormones, which is designed to be much more aligned to human hormones, as opposed to Synthetic Hormone Replacement Therapy.

The Reset Lab favours a three step approach

  • We review your full health history, carry out  function medicine testing and provide personalised treatment programs to specifically reset underlying health and hormone imbalances, in most cases this can correct many symptoms.
  • If HRT is necessary, we can design a formula for you and work together with your GP to provide the best solutions, using Bio-identical Hormones. 
  • We will provide support for your health alongside your Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy program.


Herbal Medicine

Herbal remedies can be a very effective alternative to HRT. You may want to explore this avenue as your first option.

Research has found that black cohosh has equal benefits to HRT in the treatment of peri-menopausal symptoms such as vasomotor symptoms, insomnia, bone metabolism, hot flushes, nervousness and depression – perhaps due to serotonergic and dopaminergic effects, as well as vaginal thinning and drying. A study investigating a black cohosh and St Johns wort combination had measurable benefits for improved concentration, mood and hot flushes.


Functional Medicine Testing

Are you estrogen dominant? …..Are you low in testosterone?….Are you building up unhealthy levels of estrogen?

Using the Dutch testing we are able to see your full hormone cascade and how best to optimise your treatment, we can also view your estrogen detoxification and ensure this is not building up in your system. Using the Dutch test we are able to help make informed choices as to how best to balance your hormones. Correcting these underlying imbalances can sometimes mean there is no need for using HRT. 


What about safety?

Many studies have shown that HRT is better and safer delivered for a short term solution, so the best outcome is to reset underlying health imbalances, so your body can correct itself. 

All Hormone Replacement Therapy comes with some risk, and this is why we recommend close monitoring with your GP. Here are some interesting articles to read on the use of hormones;

The Effects of Compounded Boidentical Transdermal Hormone Therapy on Haemostatic, Inflammatory, Immune Factors; Cardiovascular Biomarkers; Quality of Life Measures; and Health Outcomes in Perimenopausal and Postmenopausal Women by Dr Kenna Stephenson MD, FAAFP et al.


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Take The First Step On Your Journey Back To Health

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