Kaz von Heraud-Parker

Kaz is now dedicated to sharing her wisdom with women before, during and after menopause. To reset their health so they can live their best life.

Kaz von Heraud-Parker – My Story

“By the time I reached menopause, I hit the wall. My body just started to become very imbalanced. My thyroid was out, I had severe insomnia, I was incredibly fatigued, had gained weight around the middle and felt like I had been shipwrecked!!!”  


“I felt like I had been shipwrecked”


On a mission to find answers, Kaz embarked on a journey which would result in the creation of Reset Lab.

Her first port of call was to seek medical advice, but to no avail.  With the daunting prospect of being put on medication for the rest of her life, Kaz began her own research. Functional medicine soon became both her obsession and passion; which involved the study of detoxification, nutrition, herbal medicine and naturopathy.

Under the guidance of Dr Kalish and carrying out the latest functional medicine testing, Kaz was able to pin point the underlying causes and identify specific supplements in order to ‘reset’ her health. She learned her mitochondrial energy production had switched into catabolic physiology.  Her body was breaking down muscle just to survive.

An important part of the process was to understand her life’s story. Kaz discovered what had happened along the way to trigger certain physiological changes, which in turn created the “perfect storm” ahead of menopause.

The Reset Lab’s philosophy was developed from this experience. Solutions aren’t  just about going over your previous medical records, it’s about delving into a person’s life story and their experiences whether that be an early menstrual period, a trip abroad, traumatic event or even a time of financial stress.

Looking back on her life, Kaz realised that nutritious food and herbs had always been part of her family story, this is what she was taught from a very young age.

“Mum and dad believed food mattered, and dad always drummed into us sayings like “colour on the plate”, “chew your food” and mum’s grandmother taught her ways of healing using herbs. Food was an important part of our life, eating as a family, and healing using herbs, soups and wholesome foods…..I always believed my body would fix itself and so I ate well, tried my best to live well.”

With a mission of regaining her energy and getting her mojo back, Kaz began a very focused program of herbs, food, lifestyle changes and supplements. It was more than just eating well, it was determining the best choices of foods and herbs specifically for her.

She concentrated on nutrient density, feeding the cells, rebalancing underlying bio-chemistry and detoxifying. This included having 21 mercury fillings removed!  After a period of time her energy slowly began to shift,  sleep improved and after three years she had completely reset her body; her thyroid was back in balance, her menopause symptoms improved and she had switched back from catabolic to anabolic physiology.

Whilst on this journey Kaz realised that many other women were in the same boat as her, they too had transitioned into menopause, felt unbalanced and did not understand why their body was doing what it was.

“What I did learn was everyone is different, everyone has different underlying causes. I don’t want you to go through what I experienced, lost at sea not knowing where to find answers looking for a safe harbour amongst the stormy seas of menopause.  That’s why I have designed program uniquely designed for you, so we can minimise your recovery time.”

Empowered with knowledge from years of study, experimenting and trialling different programs, Kaz is now dedicated to sharing her wisdom with women before, during and after menopause, helping them  to reset their health so they can live their best life.

Kia Kaha, be strong…. be peaceful, and dream well.


Qualifications and Advanced Learning

  • BBSc – Victoria University
  • Diploma Nutrition – NCNZ
  • Diploma Naturopathy & Herbalism- NCNZ
  • Certificate in Therapeutic Massage – NCNZ
  • Mentorship in Functional Medicine – Kalish Institute
  • Advanced Mentorship Training Functional Medicine – Kalish Institute
  • Certificate In Detoxification – International School of Detoxification
  • Hormone Restoration Therapy and Advanced Clinical Practice – MEDISCA
  • G.E.M.M. Certified Practitioner (Healing gut restoration )

Professional Associations and Memberships

  • Registered Naturopath – NMHNZ ( Naturopaths & Medical Herbalist of New Zealand)
  • Registered Member – NZAMH ( New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists)

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