Health Coaching

Your healing process is supported with an empathic ear, providing accountability and creative solutions to ensure you overcome blocks  to reshape your everyday life to ensure lasting results.  

Odessa Heraud

BSc, Dip Ed.


Odessa has a Degree in Human Nutrition from Otago University, a post graduate Diploma in Teaching and Odessa’s major life interest has been in the field of wellness including physical, mental,  and emotional. Odessa has taught secondary school home economics and adult classes in computer software.

Odessa has completed an aerobics teacher training and developed classes for adults to improve fitness and have fun. She enjoys good healthy food and after discovering a wheat allergy  she had to rethink her food options  from that time forward. This lead to a passion for designing and baking bread that she her body could digest. Odessa also worked in the food industry and has an affinity for creating food that is both wholesome and nutritious.

Odessa’s  personal growth journey lead her to  study massage, kinesiology and Reiki, becoming a Rieki Master. Odessa also used art and creative pursuits to continue her growth process. More recently has worked as a gardener on a large property growing fruit and vegetables.

Odessa is a down to earth person who enjoys cycling, bush walking and dancing.  Odessa works as a mum, gardener, teacher and Health Coach. 


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